Three-Month Lifestyle Makeover

Three-Month Lifestyle Makeover

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INDIVIDUAL & COUPLES (two people living in the same household):

Partner with me on a three-month journey, where I will help you to create a wellness plan that is designed for your individual needs.  Within the three months I will help you to transition and transform lifestyle to help you achieve optimal health for a lifetime.  As the old timers’ say, “I will teach you how to fish rather than fish for you.”  It is important that you know how to maintain and sustain a healthy lifestyle after our three-months’ time together! 

For couples coaching this is for any two people living in the same household regardless of relationship status (married, in a relationship, parent/child, roommates).  This can be very powerful because both parties are able to help and provide support for one another in achieving their wellness goals.  When the whole house is on board it can simplify grocery shopping, meal planning and prepping easier when everyone is working to obtain optimal wellness!

Together we will: 

  • Set your personal goals and navigate through any setbacks along the way
  • Design a meal plan that works for you
  • Establish an exercise routine
  • Create a personal vision board
  • Get to the root cause of unhealthy eating habits
  • Give your body the right fuel it needs to achieve sustained health & wellness
Individual - Pay in full at first session $400 or Monthly Payment Plan
Couples – Pay in full at first session $600 or Monthly Payment Plan
  • 3 one – hour coaching sessions (1 session per month)
  • Weekly support & check-ins to focus on upcoming week
  • One-hour smart shopping grocery trip to your store of choice
  • One-hour pantry make-over
  • Waist Line Measurements (not track lbs, you can if you wish)
  • Macros calculated based on your goals
  • Suggested modalities that can help improve the quality of your life
  • Email & text support between sessions
  • Bi-weekly emails that will include handouts, recipes, and resources
  • My support to hold you accountable and keep you motivated to reach your goals
  • 10% off BTOP Hemp CBD Products
  • 10% off Certified Personal Training Services

Sessions may be held in-person, over the phone or through Skype. This program is designed to help you transition into a healthy lifestyle to help you add years onto your life.  This is not a temporary diet or fix, this is for those who want to add years onto their life and sustain healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

Group coaching sessions and programs are available for teams, players, families, etc.  Contact me to customize a plan to meet your needs!