Online Personalized In-Home Exercise Design

Online Personalized In-Home Exercise Design

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ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Matt Clark

Matt will design an in-home program that can meet your specific needs with the space and equipment (if available, but not necessary) you already have.   Provided will be various work outs for you to complete based on your skills and goals.  This is ideal for all ages and fitness levels.  Everything will be completed online through a Zoom meeting. 

What’s it included:

  • Forms & Questionnaires
  • Consultation
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Create Goals & timeline
  • Exercise Designs & Plans
  • Knowledge, expertise and wisdom

Program Reassessment 

When you are ready for a new set of exercises schedule a program reassessment.  This is for those who have already completed an initial consultation and a set of exercise designs and plans.  The Program Reassessment is designed to help you to continue to challenge yourself to make progress towards your goals. 

  • Exercise Designs & Plans
  • Exercise Progression
  • Motivational encouragement
  • Continued knowledge, expertise and wisdom
  • Improve overall goals

Select your option and Matt will be in touch to schedule your consultation!